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This item is designed for Actumex Limited; please contact Mr. Mubasher Khawaja directly for further infromation and offer if you are located in Europe.
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Brushless DC Motor with Resolver

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ITEM : P32025BL39492790-TG
DC27V 352R

Stand Operating Conditions
Rated Voltage 27VDC
No load Speed 380rpm
No load Current 0.34A
Operating Voltage Range 12VDC - 32VDC
Rated load 12Kg-cm
Movable Temperature Range  -20°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature  -30°C ~ +70°C
Electrical Characteristics
Rated-load Current 2.22A
Rated-load Speed 278rpm
Stall Torque *
Diameter *M/M
Output shaft Rotation CCW&CW
Switch Requirements None
EMI filter requirements None
Insulation Withstanding Pressure AC250V; 30sec
Measuring Conditions
Motor position To be held with shaft horizontally
Power Source: Regulated DC power supply which assures unquestionable measurement
Warranty: constant cycle 5;000hrs

Assembly is RoHS compliance.

Brushless DC Motor with Resolver