Product Name : Split Type

Product Introduction

AC Compressor Split Type



-High efficiency
-Long life time
-Internal Controller; without hall sensors
-Refrigerant: R134a
-Over-voltage and under-voltage protection
-Limiting current and overload protection
-Over temperature protection
-Soft starting
-Automatic reset
-Reversed polarity protection

Technical parameters:

- Ambient Temperature Rang: -18~+85°C
-Rated Voltage: 12VDC;24VDC;60VDC
-Starting Time: < 8seconds
-Max. Input Power: 1KW
-Efficiency: >=80%
- Torque: 3.5N.m
-Displacement: 21cc/r
-Discharge pressure: 1.5MPa
-Suction pressure: 0.3MPa
-Superheat: 10°C
-Subcooling: 5°C
-Speed: 2200RPM;capacity: 1488W;shaft power:660W; COP:2.25
-Compression ratio: 5
-Suction temperature: 10.7°C; discharge temperature: 60~90°C
-Mass flow: 36Kg/h
-Speed: 900~2200RPM(Four Adjustable Speed)
-Max. cooling Capacity: 1.7KW
-Life time: >=20;000hours
-Over-voltage: 30VDC; Under-voltage: 20VDC
-Over Temperature Protection: >100°C
-Automatic Reset after 2 minutes over-voltage; under-voltage and over temperature
-IP Class: IP54
-Insulation Class: ≥100MΩ

1. Displacement: 21cc/r
2. Discharge pressure: 1.5MPa
3. Suction pressure: 0.3MPa
4. Superheat: 10°C
5. Subcooling: 5°C
6. Speed: 2200RPM; capacity: 1488W; shaft power:660W; COP:2.25
7. Compression ratio: 5
8. Suction temperature: 10.7°C; discharge temperature: 60~90°C
9. Mass flow: 36Kg/h