Rebeck Enterprise Co., Ltd. was found in the late 1991 in Taiwan to develop, manufacture and market electrical motors for industrial markets.

Since 1980s, we moved to Mainland China, taking advantage of rich resource of manpower and satellite suppliers of raw materials and components. During the process of development, we gradually release those motors of high technology and make more efforts in developing motors for our customers in Europe and America.

Nowadays, we manufacture specially those products such as axial fans, centrifugal fans, tangential fans, external rotor fans and motors which are widely used in ventilation, heating and air condition.

We also provide fractional horsepower motors including asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, DC brush motors, DC brushless motors, step motors, trolling motors, DC hydraulic pump motors and servo motors which are widely used in industry of refrigeration, automation, medical apparatus and navigation.

The product technical specifications and quality are in the leading position compared with our competitors. We have obtained the ISO9001 certificate and applied for CE certification and UL approvals for some motors.

We are always in position of providing OEM solution at request of our customers except our current line of products. If we have to select two words as our slogan, responsibility and honesty are always our main concern.

Our company is your ideal OEM partner in China. We sincerely wish to cooperate with you. Please contact us at your convenience.


  • Professional Communication.
  • No negotiation between quality and price.
  • No over promise.


  • Guarantee in quality products and service by taking 100% responsibility in discrepancy of delivery.
  • Neither to sacrifice quality nor profit in obtaining order.
  • Not to accept any order with urgent delivery time beyond our control of quality.( Not to release the goods without inspection )
  • To see the quality service to be a merchandise.


  • To play the role of professional supplier of motors.
  • To play the role of design, tooling, manufacturing and quality control.
  • To build up an image of quality service.
  • To focus on different kinds of motors.
  • To be an OEM if it is necessary.
  • To build our brand.



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